CycleLife's "Bench & Bar" is not a lawyers event, but a FULL service facility that defies definition !

Triathlon Trial Lawywer Doug Landau after the race  and at the bar with CycleLife's Toussaint McCraeThe Annual “Bench & Bar” in Alexandria is the one time when lawyers like injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau get to ask questions of the Circuit Court and other judges with impunity. The Alexandria Bar Association bravely puts on this event, which includes questions being asked anonymously ! However, Doug Landau has run across another impressive “Bench & Bar” on the other side of the Potomac.

Bike repair and tune up area at CycleLife in Washington, D.C.CycleLife in Georgetown has a healthy food bar on the ground floor of their 32nd and “K” Street facility from which you can see their mechanics work bench. In other words, you can be sipping a protein smoothie while watching the mechanics fix, tune up or outfit your bicycle. CycleLife’s state-of-the-art facility is unlike any other bike shop I have ever seen. In addition to sales, service and food, there are spin classes, a full gym, large flat screen televisions and aerobic exercise equipment looking out over the jogging train and Potomac River. Next time I’m in Georgetown, I’m definitely heading over to get in a workout, post-exercise shake and pick up some bike gear.

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