High-Intensity Workout results in Prince William Verdict

A verdict of $300,000 was rendered by a jury in Prince William County, Virginia for a 25-year-old man as the result of an exercise regimen that resulted in his hospitalization. The plaintiff was on active duty from the Navy and in good physical condition. At the Manassas World Gym, he was asked to try a session of CrossFit exercises. He was assigned a personal trainer, and, after 20-30 minutes of CrossFit, focusing on his lower extremities, he was unstable walking and sore. Forty eight hours later, he was in considerable pain and passing dark, discolored urine. To treat his condition, he was admitted to the hospital at Andrews Air Force Base. The diagnosis was Rhabdomyolysis, which is due to the breakdown of muscle protein. The muscle protein can then spill into the bloodstream and block up the kidneys leading to coma and death if not timely treated. The breakdown continues after the exercise session ends. The plaintiff had medical bills of over $13,000 and alleged: negligence, a failure to warn leading to rhabdomyolysis due to acute overexertion, hospitalization and some limited disability to both legs. The full case report is in the December 1st, 2008 issue of Virginia Lawyers Weekly (23 VLW 729).

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