CycleSafe provides free course safety consultation for Carolina Cycling events

Key to the mission of is event safety. “ provides free course safety consultation and infrastructure to cycling events from fun rides to the top pro races in the Carolinas. The Safety Team assesses the specific needs and formulates a comprehensive safety plan with prescribed procedures and placement of barriers, fencing and other safety infrastructure to minimize risk of serious injury during a cycling event. provides the fencing, hay bales, impact barriers and other safety infrastructure to event promoters to insure that their event is safe and enjoyable. CycleSafe has an on-staff safety coordinator to assess bicycle related events and provide a safety plan complete with GPS locations and a legend for course set-up. is the first and only organization to bring cycling specific high technology safety air barriers, pole protectors and curb protectors to the cycling world.

What are Air Barriers?

Air Barriers provide the safest means for slowly stopping a rider who has gone off of the course. An air barrier is like a big air bag. Using air barriers in strategic places, like the outside of a turn, will reduce the risk of a rider being severely injured or injured at all. Air barriers will absorb an impact unlike the steel fencing, commonly used at races, which is designed for crowd control.

What are Pole Protectors and Curb Protectors?

A pole protector is a big piece of foam that can be wrapped around and strapped to utility poles and sign posts. A curb protector is a wedge shaped foam piece that is placed against a curb that prevents hard impacts on the edge of a curb.

While it is the race promoter’s responsibility to take care of its riders, can provide the knowledge and equipment for race promoters to have a fun and SAFE event. Please send an email to to reserve safety equipment for your Carolina cycling event.

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