Rehab to Racing helps elderly combat symptoms of atrophy, disuse and obesity.

Being fat and physically inactive has a name–Sedentary Death Syndrome or “SeDS.”

Approximately 2.5 million Americans will die prematurely in the next 10 years due to SeDS, a number greater than all alcohol, guns, motor vehicles, illicit drug use and sexual behavior related deaths combined. Research has identified SeDS as the second largest threat to public health (heart disease remains the number one cause of death for Americans) and is expected to add as much as $3 trillion to healthcare costs over 10 years, more than twice the tax cut recently passed by the US Senate.

Frank W. Booth, a professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia invented the term SeDS and local “dynamic duo” Allen and Mary Delaney of “Rehab to Racing” are combating this killer combination of morbid obesity and inactivity. They recently met with senior citizens who not only suffered from morbid obesity and inactivity, but also related health problems and pharmacological regimens. One senior had lost nearly all the muscle tone in his legs, shuffled instead of walked, and could not arise from a seated position or walk steps.

After Dr. Allen Delaney did a thorough examination, he and Mary, a physical therapist, showed the atrophied individual and his wife how to do exercises an stretches that would combat the continuing loss of function. Mary also talked with the couple about the importance of a healthy diet and walking not only in the pool, but on dry land in order to stimulate bone density and muscle growth. To date, the couple has lost over 20 pounds, walks regularly, and are more active in only a few weeks. And, the wife reports, “my husband’s backside has gone from mush to tush thanks to the Delaneys !” You do not have to be a competitive triathlete in order to enjoy good health. But you do have to do something, every day, in order to ensure that your body remains functional and healthy for the long run.

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