Investigation of injured athletes' cases

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Lauren Holtzman of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., investigating another triathlete's brain injury and head trauma caseJust as careful preparation can help every athlete on race day, proper post-accident investigation can assist the chances of a successful claim in a court of law. Brain injury lawyer Lauren Holtzman, shown here in the ABRAMS LANDAU conference room, recently explained to an injured triathlete why it is so important to get early documentation in a head injury and brain trauma case.

Juries are skeptical. It is important to have objective evidence. In other words, juries may “filter out” subjective complaints UNLESS there are supporting documents, photos, x-rays or other OBJECTIVE evidence.

It is for this reason that Herndon brain injury attorney Holtzman requests x-ray, MRI and CT Scan reports and definitive diagnoses from potential clients, rather than treatment notes and subjective journal entries. If you have been in a bicycle crash, attacked by a dog, struck by a car, disabled due to a defective bike component, bitten by someone’s pet, injured while cycling, or the victim of someone else’s negligence or unlawful behavior, call us at once. Remember, the more evidence, information and documentation we can gather immediately after the crash or animal attack, the greater the chances of success later in Court.

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