How can I have a brain injury to the side OPPOSITE where my head struck the interior of my car ?

TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau will cover brain injury issues in the posts that followHerndon-Reston area Brain injury lawyer Doug Landau studied neurology and neurophysiology before attending law school. He recognized that it was important to understand how his clients’ bodies functioned. This Virginia trial lawyer also realized that he needed to have more than just a passing understanding of the medical terminology used in his clients’ records and experts’ reports.

Landau is fond of pointing out that the human body is a miraculous machine. It is resilient, and often able to recover from horrific and traumatic injury. The ABRAMS LANDAU trial team has seen a number of clients heal from terrible injuries and bounce back from enormous impact. This is especially true of our younger clients. Children, even those who sustain fractured skulls and subdural hematoma, seem to make better recoveries than their adult counterparts.

Part of the resiliency of the human body is found in the flexibility and elasticity of many of its parts. Tendons, ligaments, muscles and other connective tissues are often able to withstand and absorb significant impact and blows. There may be bruising and pain, but the body’s natural healing ability is often up to the task of repair and replacement of damaged cells and tissues. In the following posts we will discuss how one can have a brain injury on the side OPPOSITE the impact to the skull, bike helmet and/or ear.

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