Dog Bites, Animal Attacks – A High School Swimmer and Lifeguard's experience

the stitches had to be kept dry. The Abrams Landau trial team also showed how this innocent victim of the dog’s attack lost wages from her job as a hostess at the Outback Steakhouse. This hard-working girl also lost earnings as a lifeguard as the result of the dog attack and bite wounds, as the wounds had to be kept out of the sun and the pool. Plus, she could not give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, when you are a 16-year-old girl, it sometimes seems as though the whole world is staring at your face and the dog bite scars.

TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau drew upon his medical training to overcome the insurance company’s defenses to his client’s dog bite injuries. Dog injury lawyer Landau produced diagrammatic evidence of the huge numbers sensitive nerves located in the precise area of the girl’s animal bite wounds. After all, Landau reasoned, why do humans kiss ? It is precisely because of the exquisite number of sensitive nerves in the lips that we osculate. The Herndon lawyer also produced a photograph of the last thing his client saw before the dog attacked and bit – its open maw. The photograph of the large dog’s open mouth, teeth, throat, with the uncontrovertable evidence that Landau’s client could see, feel, smell and yes, even taste the dog’s saliva, was enough to result in a settlement.

The client’s mother, a local nurse, was able secure the services of one of the top plastic surgeons in the D.C. Metropolitan area. The lifeguard/swimmer was able to undergo scar revision that left a minimal scar between her lip and nose. And a hat brought to her via our summer clerk (the Assistant Basketball Coach at Oakton High School), helped hide the healing dog bite wounds. The client returned to her two jobs, as well as her work at a riding stable. The combination of a hard-working young client and hard-working Abrams Landau injury team lead to a good result without the need for a trial.

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