Abrams Landau client gets new home improvements

Doug Landau Triathlon Trial Lawyer



Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau of Abrams Landau, Ltd. shown at his client’s home, prior to improvements being made by the Comp Insurance Company. As the Virginia Triathlon Series last event went by the client’s Spotsylvania home, Landau (shown here with his race number still on his arm !) made his third visit to this brain injury client and his family. Landau ended up winning his age group in the Virginia Triathlon Series as well as winning this brain injured client’s case.


Under Virginia Code, if the treating doctor finds it medically necessary, the Commission can require the employer (and its insurance company) to pay for such things as:


bedside lifts,


adjustable beds,


and modification of the employee’s home


these “modifications” can include such things as:








and doorway alterations,


There is a limit of $25,000 for these items and modifications, but Herndon Lawyer Landau points out that this investment can significantly improve an injured worker’s home. Perhaps more importantly, Super Lawyer Doug Landau notes that ramps, handrails, lifts and other modifications can make a disabled worker’s home safer. And making a home safer helps Abrams Landau clients AND their families.

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