What Masters Swimmers Can Learn From Sports Science and Engineering

Why do some fish swim faster than would predicted from models ?

Does the depth of the water affect its density ?

How hard is it to swim in an “Endless Pool ?”

Can a short swimmer ever swim as fast as a tall swimmer ?

“Swim Power” vs. “Fish-like Swimming” is there a case for either or both ?
In future posts, we will examine these important questions for Masters Swimmers.
While this does not involve injured athletes lawsuits or disabled triathletes settlements, evidence tends to suggest that there is a lot of curiosity in the multi-sport and swimming community on these topics. TriathlonInjuryLawyer_Tom_Donley.JPG If you are aware of any good articles or treatises covering swimming technique, efficiency, theory and experimentation, please let us know at The Athletes Lawyer. We are compiling information so that we can continue to help and inform triathletes, swimmers, and other athletes.

[Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau (the short swimmer) shown with Tom Donley (the tall one), who was NOT one of the infamous “Speedo 6.” However, Tom was an ll American Swimmer and former Swim Coach at The Hotchkiss School. Donley, a fearsome triathlete and water polo player, is now Head of the Middle School at Sidwell Friends in Washington, D.C. Landau predicts that in a few years, he will be as successful on the D.C. area swimming and triathlon circuit as he was in New England , where he was often first out of the water, without a wetsuit !]

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