Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau Successfully Mediates Bike Crash Case in North Carolina, part 1

I. Facts of the North Carolina Bicycle Tour Bike Crash

Abrams Landau client, a professor at a local community college in Virginia, was on the 13th day of a bicycle tour from Maine to Florida. This was his “dream vacation.” This ultra-fit middle-aged cyclist had worked for many years in order to earn the Sabbatical Time to ride the length of the East Coast. Then Doug Landau’s client was involved in a bike crash that brought his dram trip to an abrupt, and painful end.

Traveling North on U.S. 301, the bicycle tourist was struck by the Defendant’s truck and “thrown 107 feet coming to rest in the roadway” according to the Police Report. The Defendant’s Ford pickup truck sustained significant damage skidding and slamming into the bridge guardrail after the crash with the biker. The impact with the innocent bicycle tourist occurred as the Defendant’s car tried to go around the bike between two bridges. The professor never had a chance before the bike crash with the pickup truck.

Read more about this bike crash and injured cyclist in tomorrow’s post…

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