Workers Compensation Hearings at Sudley Tower in Manassas; Doug Landau, Virginia Injury Trial Lawyer, gives clients the “Courthouse Tour”

After an on the job accident, traumatic brain injury or contracting an occupational disease, the Doug Landau Sudley Tower Building.jpeg.JPG anxiety and stress caused by a Workers Compensation Hearing can be terrible.  In order to lessen the stress felt by Abrams Landau clients, Virginia injury trial lawyer Doug Landau often meets people at the Courts and Hearing locations throughout the country.  Here are pictures of the exterior of the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission (“VWC”) Hearing site in Manassas.  The 6th floor of the “Sudley Tower” is where the Deputy Commissioners hear on the job injury claims.

The VWC often rents space in office buildings, uses governmental spaces and has its own dedicated facilities in Richmond and SouthWest Virginia.  By showing clients where their cases Doug Landau VWC Manassas.jpeg will be heard and having them observe his hearings, Doug Landau wants his disabled clients and their families to learn what is required in these claims.  There are no movies or  television shows that lets people see what really happens in Workers Comp Hearings.  And reading a transcript or Hearing Officer’s opinion is not the same as actually being there.  Like a Sports Coach’s “scouting trip,” a visit to the Hearing site and observing several Hearings can prove to be the best thing you and your family can do to get ready for your “day in court.”  Plus, you will know where to park, sit and meet with counsel from the Landau Law Shop.  It is important to everyone at the Abrams Landau trial team that our clients familiarize themselves with the Court, the judge and the proceedings.  After all, “the best surprise is no surprise.”

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