Super Lawyer Doug Landau’s tip: Don’t try new stuff before your “Day in Court”

Often clients will down several pints of coffee, get up at the crack of dawn, and then eat a huge breakfast before heading to court with their family.  They then arrive needing to use the facilities, tired and bloated.  Often, you see litigants falling asleep by three O’clock in the afternoon.  NOTHING NEW/UNTESTED – DO NOT try something new at trial !  Stick to your usual diet, medications and sleep habits.  DO not try new foods, drugs, diets, drinks, medications, etc., advises Super Lawyer Doug Landau.  Whether you’re from small town Herndon or you’re one of “The Best Lawyers in America,” do not do something untried and untested during your “day in Court.”  f you have any questions about your daily regiment, call Doug Landau to discuss them BEFORE you leave for the Courthouse.  You’ll be glad you did.


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