What Does “Sovereign Immunity” have to do with a Wrongful Death Suit?

“For the [athlete’s] family and the sake of all Floridians, we are extremely troubled by such a broad expansion of sovereign immunity to a corporation such as the UCFAA when there is very little, if any, state involvement in its actual operations,” the statement continued in part. “To allow immunity in such circumstances creates a dangerous precedent for student-athletes and their families.”

Herndon area lawyer Landau could not agree more.  “People, organizations, groups MUST be held accountable for their actions, says Doug.  “The jury in the trial, after hearing the evidence, concluded that the school and the athletic association did not do its part to keep this 19 year old athlete safe.  Reducing the award on grounds of sovereign immunity is a travesty, and a blemish on our legal system.  As a member of the Florida Bar, I am glad to read that the family plans to take this case to the Supreme Court of Florida, and I eagerly await the outcome.”

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