Virginia Vehicle Safety Inspections

Virginia State inspection sticker
Upon passing a Virginia State inspection, an inspection sticker like this one will be affixed to the front windshield of the car. Vehicles must be inspected every year in the Commonwealth.

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Owning a car is a responsibility.  And in Virginia, like many states, part of that responsibility entails maintaining the vehicle in safe working order.

How does the Commonwealth make sure the cars on its roads are safe?

One way is by requiring an annual safety inspection for all vehicles registered in the state.

Virginia safety inspection stations are easy to find.  Most auto service stations (including many local gas stations) are certified inspection stations.   Once a car has passed its annual inspection, the inspector will affix a safety inspection sticker to the front windshield.

Make no mistake, drivers can be — and are — ticketed by police for not having a sticker, or for having an expired sticker.  This usually comes with a fine, as well as a mark on the driver’s driving record.

Herndon car crash lawyer Doug Landau believes that vehicle safety inspections are a critical tool in helping buy levitra american pharmacy to keep motorists, passengers,  pedestrians, etc. safe.

“Annually inspecting every car registered in the state is a good way to keep car owners on their toes when it comes to performing maintenance on their vehicles.  As drivers, we do not always know when there is a problem with our car.  A perfect example is worn brake pads.  A driver may have no idea his brakes are going, and may find out only when it is too late.   A certified inspector, however, will find worn pads and require they be replaced before the car can “pass” and get its sticker,” says Doug.

You can find safety inspection stations near you by contacting the Virginia State Police at or 804-674-6774.

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