Unlicensed drivers: a large and growing problem in Virginia

In the report from our local Delegate from Herndon, there were some sobering statistics concerning unlicensed drivers.  According to the 2/13/09 “Rust Report,” there were about 60,000 convictions of persons without operator’s license in Virginia last year.  It is a significant problem with public safety ramifications.  Persons who have never had an operator’s license are 4.9 times more likely to be in a fatal accident than those who have a license.  At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., our Herndon Reston area law firm has in the past and is currently pursuing injury cases on behalf of clients injured by unlicensed motor vehicle operators.  If you or someone you know has been hurt by an unlicensed driver, someone who has not committed to following the “rules of the road,” contact us at once.

2 responses on “Unlicensed drivers: a large and growing problem in Virginia

  1. sharon

    does an employer open himself for liability, if:
    (1) Employment Handbook states all employees must be have valid drivers license.
    (2) and – then knowlingly allows employees who have lost their license to drive to and from work and part on company property (with out restricted license)

    1. Doug Post author

      The key part of your comment – “knowingly” is the critical part. We were involved in a wrongful death car crash case where the Defendant driver was lost, speeding, high on drugs and did not have a valid license due to prior infractions. His employer knew or should have known, since they went to Traffic Court with him (& may have paid his fines, court costs, etc.). In that case, the employer paid additional money out of its own pocket, on top of the insurance policy limits, because they could be found liable for knowingly putting an unlicensed, dangerous driver behind the wheel. Every case is specific to its facts, but unsafe decisions that unnecessarily endanger those lawfully on the road can result in legal liability.

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