The Best Virginia Workers Compensation Lawyers to Meet in Richmond

This annual Fall program, sponsored by the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (“VTLA”), is one of the programs Fairfax County comp lawyer Doug Landau uses to keep on the forefront of legal representation of disabled workers. Good comp lawyers regularly go to “continuing legal education” programs, try cases before the Virginia Workers Compensation cases, exchange ideas with other top comp lawyers, and contribute time, effort and money to their state and national trial lawyer organizations so that injured workers and their families will have a voice, not only in the courts, but in the legislatures as well.

Landau has expressed concerns about dishonest advertising by a well known Northern Virginia lawyer. This lawyer, who does not try workers comp claims, touts another lawyer as “the best lawyer in Virginia.” When Landau enquired as to who this person was, he was surprised to find that she was not on “the short list” of any of the lawyers he questioned ! Despite the dishonest advertising by the well-known Fairfax lawyer, neither the advertiser or his marketing group partner have taken down the advertisement. It is important that lawyers hold themselves out truthfully, and when they see something that is not true, to speak out. Lawyer Landau intends to bring the subject of this advertising up at this weekend’s Advanced Workers Compensation meeting in Richmond, Virginia.

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