Spinal cord injury client wins portable ramps after ABRAMS LANDAU team visits to his home and treating doctors offices

At ABRAMS LANDAU, we “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk.”
We visited with our 21 year  old spine-injured client and his family in Winchester, Virginia. It was clear that this young man, whose spine was crushed in a rollover accident, had difficulty getting in and out of his rented home. There were no ramps or handicap access entrances, and in inclement weather, he had the very real risk of worsening his spine injury.

Loudoun Fairfax Injury Board member Doug Landau met with the treating doctor in order to ascertain the client’s needs and filed for purchase of the ramp. Many lawyers do not know how to get items like this for their permanently and totally disabled clients. Due to the efforts of the ABRAMS LANDAU injury law firm in Herndon, the Court ordered the insurance company to provide this “durable medical equipment” (“DME”) at no cost to the injured worker. While the expense was not enormous, this equipment has improved Doug Landau’s permanently disabled client’s quality of life and enabled his family to worry less, travel more and avoid risking further injury to his already damaged spine.

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