Social Security’s New Numbers for 2012 Herndon Virginia Lawyer’s Disability Law Updates

Disability lawyer Doug Landau would explain to clients that if they earned more than $1,000 in a given month, the Federal Judge might view those earnings as “substantial” and not allow Social Security Disability (“SSDI”) payment for that time period. Earnings of less than SGA may be viewed as an “unsuccessful work attempt” such that a “Fully Favorable” decision might still be issued by the Administrative Law Judge.

Other numbers of note include one quarter of coverage will be $1,130, up from $1,120 in 2011. This is how much a worker has to earn in a 3 month period to get one “quarter” of credit towards their Social Security benefits. A wage earner must generally earn 40 “quarters” of credits to “have jurisdiction” before the Social Security Administration and be able to draw monthly SSDI benefits. Furthermore, the maximum taxable earnings will be $110,100, up from $106,800 this year. Lastly, SSI has increased to $698/month, not including any State supplement, according to the Federal Government’s Disability program’s fact sheet. If you or someone you know or care for has become disabled and there are questions about what Social Security, please e-mail or call us at the Herndon Reston Virginia law firm of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. (703-796-9555) at once.

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