Postal Worker Attacked by Dog Assisted by Doug Landau in New Jersey Dog Attack Injury Case, part 1

When a mail carrier was attacked while delivering the mail in a Kearney, New Jersey neighborhood, he had no idea that he was not the first, or even the second person attacked and bitten by this large dog. He was the third!

This injured mail carrier, like the police officer attacked by the dog on the very same street, also contacted Herndon, Virginia injury lawyer Doug Landau of Abrams Landau, Ltd. to prosecute his personal injury claim against the Defendant dog owners and their Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Insurance Company. This Herndon law firm has experience helping people attacked and bitten by dogs throughout the East Coast. The trial team at Abrams Landau, Ltd. has successfully settled cases against the insurance company that issued the policy of insurance on the home where the dangerous dog is kept. In most cases, the insurance covering the owners of the dog end up paying the settlement or verdict. Most homeowners policies cover injuries and attacks caused by the homeowners’ pets, although Doug Landau has seen policies written to exclude certain kinds of animals. Some homeowners even have special animal insurance coverage. See our Herndon law firm’s prior posting on the insurance coverage of canine attack and dog bite cases.

The Herndon law firm’s trial team investigated this Kearney Post Office worker’s dog bite case, met with the client in New Jersey and collected the necessary evidence for this animal attack injury claim. [Continued tomorrow]

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