Paying the Piper: Doug Landau brings a check to Insurer’s counsel

In this case, the workers comp carrier could not get its act together to settle the comp claim.  However, Landau was able to successfully settle the client’s case, pay the comp carrier back on its “IOU,” and still leave the comp claim open such that the injured worker continues to receive some comp benefits.  He still has the opportunity to settle the comp claim (and/or get future Awards of permanency, wage loss and other benefits allowed by state law for such things as: transportation expenses, medications, durable medical equipment, home improvements, prosthetic devices, cost of living adjustments, etc.).  Many ABRAMS LANDAU law firm cases involve multiple files, as we try to help injured workers with their state compensation, negligence and state disability claims.  If you, or someone you know and care for, needs assistance with a personal injury, workers compensation and/or Social Security Disability claim, please call us so that we may help.

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