M.R.I.’s may cause burns to patients with drug patches

Many ABRAMS LANDAU clients have undergone Magnetic Resonance Imaging (“MRI”) studies to help their treating doctors diagnose their back, neck, spine injuries and orthopedic injuries. Often, South Riding workers compensation, personal injury and Social Security Disability lawyer Doug Landau’s construction worker clients have to have an x-ray to make sure they have no metal in their body BEFORE they can have the MRI testing.

Landau notes, “Just as you cannot have metal in your microwave, you should not have metal in a body that is being subjected to MRI technology.” In fact, Federal health officials have warned that patients who wear nicotine or other drug patches during M.R.I. scans risk burns, because some patches contain tiny metal elements that can be heated by the device’s huge magnet. Landau suggests that patients intending to have an MRI find out whether their patches contain metal.

For the complete New York Times article on this subject by Gardiner Harris.

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