Jim Krueger, super Hawaiin lawyer and mentor

failing to warn about or negligence concerning:

* Dangerous ocean surf conditions,
* Hotel/condominium failure to warn visitors of dangerous ocean conditions,
* Improper supervision of tourists engaged in recreational water activities,
* Defective swimming pool design,
* Improper maintenance and supervision of public swimming pools,
* Lifeguard ocean or pool neglect,
* Negligent surfboard rental/instruction,
* Negligent kayaking rental/instruction,
* Negligent paragliding rental/instruction,
* Defective design of scuba computers,
* Collisions between boats and swimmers,
* Vessel unseaworthiness,
* Negligent boat design concerning masts, booms, windows and guardrails,
* Negligent location of passengers on excursion boats,
* Negligent charter boat lookout,
* Outboard engine propeller/swimmer contact.

Premises Liability injuries caused by hazards found and failure to warn of such hazards involving:

* Hotel swimming pool steps and ladders,
* Shopping mall escalators,
* Flooding of subdivisions and property,
* Beach access trails,
* Hotel/public beach lifeguards,
* Spa pool cover grates,
* Retail store stacking of goods,
* Common elements of condominiums,
* Ocean conditions,
* Hotel/condominium steps,
* Hotel/condominium lanai railings,
* Crop burning causing roadway smoke,
* Foliage obscuring intersection signs or vehicles,
* Foreign substances on stores/hotels stairs and floors,
* Market/store displays of goods,
* Bulk store high shelf goods.

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