Leesburg and Fairfax job injury lawyer Doug Landau visits Richmond workplace accident lawyers.

One of the ways Leesburg and Fairfax job injury lawyer Doug Landau keeps up on the very latest developments in the law and tests out his latest strategies is through the listServs.  A listServ is how lawyers from all over Virginia, and all over the country, stay in touch, compare notes and exchange information and documents.  Loudoun and Fairfax Injury lawyer Landau belongs, and contributes to, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Workers Compensation, Social Security and other listServs.  On a national level, workplace accident and traumatic injury lawyer Landau interacts with the Association for Justice Product Liability, Disability and Section Leadership Council listServs.  The Workers Injury Law & Advocacy Group (“WILG“) provides another forum for the ABRAMS LANDAU team.

Craig_Davis___Landau__E_K.jpegWhen the Herndon Reston injury lawyer finds a particularly useful or noteworthy posting, he rewards the author.  Here, he is shown with Richmond on the job accident lawyer Craig Davis, or Emroch & Kilduff.  Davis had responded to one of Landau’s inquiries and had provided a sample Order recently approved by the Workers Compensation Commission in a case similar to the one ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. was handling.  In thanks, Landau brought his friend Davis some treats from Great Harvest Bread.  Landau also made Craig promise to share the baked goods and keep up the useful postings.  By using these listServs, Doug Landau has thousands of “online partners.”

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