Lawyers’ Top Ten Law Practice/Client Service Problems and How to Solve Them, part 3

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THE VIRGINIA CLE (CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION) brochure listed the “Top Practice & Client Problems.”  At ABRAMS LANDAU, we already have strategies for these challenges that other lawyers find so difficult.  The Landau Law Shop avoids these pitfalls that trip up other law firms through time-tested systems and common sense.   The “problems” and the ABRAMS LANDAU solutions are:

•4. Keeping up to date with changes in the law

Virginia lawyers are required to attend 12 hours of CLE per year.  I average three times that, as it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments in the law.  I also get CLE credits for teaching, writing and preparation.  Several of the states where I am licensed have CLE requirements, and I have achieved enough credits to become a “Fellow” of the National Board of Trial Advocacy and passed the National Board Certification exam.

•5. Dealing with client demands

Reasonable client demands are dealt with reasonably and quickly.

Unreasonable demands can result in a client joining a very exclusive club – the “Ex-ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. client club.”  Because I try to have the difficult conversations about what a case is worth and what litigation we are likely to expect, we avoid the mistakes so many other lawyers make by avoiding the hard questions and/or leaving them to the end of the case, when expectations may have become unrealistic and expenses may skew the economic outcomes.

See tomorrow’s post for another of our strategies for solving these “law practice problems.”

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