Lawyers’ Top Ten Law Practice/Client Service Problems and How to Solve Them, part 2

•2. Dealing with client emergencies

Because we have adequate staff (some would say we are “overstaffed”), we have not had any problems with “emergencies.  Clients send us faxes, e-mails, special delivery packages and leave voice mails if there is an urgent matter after business hours.

•3. Managing client communications

Client communications are another area where I have a unique procedure.  I advise clients that I try to read everything.  So I prefer faxes, letters and e-mails.  Because I am a TRIAL lawyer, and I actually go to court on a frequent basis, I am not physically in the office every single day of the week.  That is another reason I prefer if clients put their thoughts in writing and send them to me, so I can read and respond after Court is through.  NON-emergent telephone calls are handled by making an appointment.  That way, I am not likely going to be disturbed, the paper and computer files will be available and we can think deeply and plan strategically.

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