Lawyers’ Top Ten Law Practice/Client Service Problems and How to Solve Them, part 1

THE VIRGINIA CLE (CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION) brochure that came across my desk listed the following as the “Top Practice & Client Problems.”

At ABRAMS LANDAU, we already have strategies for these challenges that other lawyers find so difficult.  Self discipline, experience, proven systems and efficiency enable us to successfully represent injured clients in court.  The “problems” and the ABRAMS LANDAU solutions are:

•1. Juggling multiple client cases, matters, and legal projects

At ABRAMS LANDAU, we do not handle a large volume of cases.  We are selective with the cases we take, work on files as a team, and we involve clients (and their families and co-workers) in the activities in their files.  We are uniquely qualified to represent individuals with permanent disability, brain injury and spinal cord trauma in their negligence cases, workers comp claims AND Social Security Disability almost anywhere on the East Coast.  The efficiency of having ONE firm familiar with your medical history for use in ALL THREE CASES not only saves money, but time as well.  Our team strives for efficiency and understanding when helping innocent victims of defective products, criminal assaults, unsafe buildings, dog attacks and reckless drivers.

See tomorrow’s post for another of our strategies for solving these “law practice problems.”

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