Lawyers’ Top Ten Law Practice/Client Service Problems and How to Solve Them, part 4

We are half way through the list of the notorious “TOP TEN” legal practice and client problems, according to VIRGINIA CLE (CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION). At ABRAMS LANDAU, we already have developed ways to solve the problems that other lawyers just complain about. Self discipline, proven systems and efficiency enable us to successfully represent injured clients in court. The “problems” #6 and #7, and the ABRAMS LANDAU solutions are:
•6. The problem of perfectionism in providing high-quality client work

First, other than my wife, nobody is perfect. Secondly, we strive to provide high-quality work, and even ask the Courts, Workers Compensation Commission, Health Care Providers and other professionals for their suggestions so as to improve what we are doing for our clientele. Also, by having clients and their families watch us “in action” in Court, we bring our own, additional critics so that these “extra eyes and ears” can help us to be even better advocates for the injured victims we represent all over the country.

•7. Maintaining concentration on client work and legal projects

At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we have sophisticated computers, excellent computer consultants and advisors , and several calendaring systems that help us to keep track of the complicated and ever-changing deadlines and statutes of limitations. Because we own our own buildings, we are able to dedicate whole rooms to a single case, and even go “off site” for more in-depth discussions and preparations. Most firms will not spend the time, money and effort we do in preparing our clients’ cases for trial.

See tomorrow’s post for another of our strategies for solving these “law practice problems.”

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