Law Firm Goals: Staying Up to Date and Educated on Workers Comp Laws

Our law firm is always looking to improve our skillsets and knowledge. Education is important to everyone here at Abrams Landau, Ltd., especially if that means that we can better educate and assist our clients. Therefore, we always take advantage of this great program by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWC).

The VWC offers training sessions on awards and calculation issues and are tailored to the needs of the law office. All law firms should do this, but very few do. Our workers compensation department had the opportunity to be fully educated in the latest updates to Virginia workers’ compensation laws and to get a refresher on processes they already knew. Two wonderful staff members from the VWC drove up from Richmond to our office in Herndon, Virginia earlier this month to train our staff!

Abrams Landau staff Rachel Hirsch and Lisa Goldman on the left and Beatriz Vargas on the far right, joined by VWC staff in the middle at our office to train our workers comp law staff.

Our staff was thoroughly trained on navigating the Awards process, such as agreements, terminations and third-party settlements. Other topics that we made sure were covered included: claims issues, average weekly wage/charts, temporary total and temporary partial disability, permanent partial disability benefits, cost of living adjustment (COLA), 500 week expiration, claim for benefits, and more.

We take our cases seriously and we want to be as knowledgeable about your case and the law as we can so that you can get the best result possible. If you or someone you know was injured at work or while working due to no fault of your own, please give us a call (703-796-9555) or email us at Abrams Landau, Ltd.