Is the insurance company responsible for modifications to allow wheelchair access ?

DSCF4583.JPGReston Herndon area injury lawyer Doug Landau says the answer is “yes” if Virginia’s legal requirements are met. An employer and their insurance company are responsible for modifications to an injured employee’s home to allow wheelchair access. The Virginia General Assembly passed a law that specifically provided for “wheelchairs, bedside lifts, adjustable beds and modification of the claimant’s principal home consisting of ramps, handrails, and doorway alterations.” The General Assembly amended the Act to provide for maintenance of necessary medical equipment as well as for “any appliances prescribed by the treating physician.” Other amendments have increased the total amount allowed for medical equipment expenditures from $10,000 to the present level of $25,000. At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we have successfully won many cases for permanently disabled workers who need home modification and other durable medical equipment as the result of their on the job injuries or occupational illnesses. In tomorrow’s post, we will look at what kinds of “Durable Medical Equipment” have been approved by the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission and Courts.

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