If you you are on time for your court case, dressed appropriately and pay attention, you MIGHT get a piece of candy.

DSCF4600.JPGGoing to court is no laughing matter. The clients of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. have all been permanently injured and are often disabled due to severe injuries and illnesses. Doug Landau and the trial team screen cases so that only the most serious claims are taken to court. Sprains, strains and minor injury cases are not handled by this law firm, but are referred to lawyers who do handle these cases. By concentrating on fewer cases with greater staffing, ABRAMS LANDAU is able to concentrate resources and focus on our disabled clients and their families.

DSCF4601.JPGOne of the ways Doug Landau and his staff is able to help permanently injured clients prepare for court is by meeting them at court, well in advance of their trial, and giving them a tour of the facilities so that they will know where to go, where to park, where to meet and who are the people they will likely see. In this way, Loudoun Fairfax Injury Board member Doug Landau reduces anxiety so that his injured clients and their families can avoid the distractions and anxieties most other plaintiffs have when they go to court unprepared and uninformed. For those ABRAMS LANDAU clients who make the effort to see Mr. Landau “in action” before their own Court date, there is even a candy bowl at the clerks’ desks ! Shown here after a recent evidentiary hearing with one of these candy bowls are Doug Landau and Shawn Shook of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. If you want to see us “in action,” e-mail Beatrice at FrontDesk@LandauLawShop.com or call 703-796-9555. She has our calendar and can share with you our trial, speech, hearing, lecture, travel and racing schedule

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