“I was injured in a crash, but the other driver admitted it’s was his fault, should I still call the police ?”

Dale_City_police.jpeg“YES.” At Abrams Landau I have seen too many cases where the driver who caused the crash say “It’s my fault.” at the scene, only to recant later at Traffic Court, after a lawsuit is filed, and even at the trial of our client’s injury case. Our Herndon Reston area injury and car crash law firm has also seen cases where the facts seemed clear at the crash site, only to be disputed later by the negligent (and sometime drunk !) Defendant driver’s insurance company and their lawyers.

When in doubt, call the cops. The police can make a full investigation, get witness information and take measurements at the scene before the vehicles are moved and the “debris field” is disturbed. Plus, if the police are not contacted, there will likely not be any Traffic Court hearing, with the potential for a helpful Court transcript. “When in doubt, call them out.” If your injuries are too severe to call for help, have the first responders call law enforcement. When you are injured in a car crash, you have other things on your mind other than investigating the causes of the crash and who is at fault. The police accident reconstructions teams have special training. Let the pros investigate the crash while you focus on getting prompt, helpful medical care.

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