“Roger that !” Creager to help with Federal Court appeal

DSCN1048.JPGThe Creager Law firm of Richmond has agreed to help Abrams Landau, Ltd. with the appeal of a devastating motor vehicle crash case. While there is a multi-million dollar judgment against the Defendant driver, the Plaintiff seeks to hold a Corporate Defendant responsible for her traumatic brain injuries and lifetime disability. Roger Creager is well known throughout Virginia for his keen insight and brief writing skills. Herndon Reeston area brain injury lawyer Doug Landau argued the case in the Federal trial court and is excited to have this “ally” helping this family after the tragedy of the intersection crash. Creager and Landau are shown here at the recent Virginia Trial Lawyers Brain Injury seminar, where the science of closed head injury, traumatic brain injury and neuropsychological testing were discussed, and the latest cases, statutes and trial strategies for helping disabled clients and their families were shared. Also in attendance for part of the meeting was the Director of the Brain Injury Association of Virginia. The non-profit Brain Injury Association seeks to create a better future through brain injury education, awareness, advocacy and support.

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