Hip Replacement surgery; ABRAMS LANDAU trial team takes in the latest techniques

Attending a seminar on Hip Replacement Surgery, Doug Landau and Shawn Shook of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., were able to learn about the latest techniques for a surgery that has benefitted many of the Herndon Reston area firm’s clients. Landau and Shook were also able to speak with the medical and manufacturing people and see the equipment used and prostheses available. The artificial ball and socket joint is remarkable in that it enables surgeons to not only replace a deteriorating hip, but also correct leg length discrepancies and other orthopedic imbalances.

One particularly interesting advance is a procedure known as the “anterior hip replacement.” By approaching from the front, rather than the side or back, the doctor can perform a less invasive surgery and reduce the pain, recovery time and scarring usually associated with a hip replacement operation. For more information on this technique, go to new hip news. This procedure has helped Doug Landau’s clients with hip pain, joint pain, reduction in hip movement, arthritis and traumatic hip and pelvic injuries from car wrecks, motorcycle crashes, workplace injuries, disabling diseases, sports injuries, attacks, bicycle accidents, slip and falls.

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