Herndon Virginia Injury and Social Security Disability lawyer Doug Landau contacted for assistance with International Airport Accident Case

dkwl_berhane___BV.3.4.09.jpegOur injury and disability law office received a call for help from a lawyer with an International Airport accident case. The attorney, Daniel Mesghenna Berhane of Washington, D.C., possesses the ability to converse with clients from sub-Saharan Africa in their native tongue. Specializing in Immigration law, Mr. Berhane was contacted by a woman who was injured while flying back to the United States from Africa. This plaintiff injured her back, neck and spine when she fell while deplaning. While the international passenger had been provided wheelchair assistance during the prior legs of her journey, there was a failure to provide the ticketed service that would have ensured her safe travel during the third leg of her trip.

Because several law firms he contacted all recommended that he seek our assistance, we invited Mr. Berhane to our Herndon Law Shop in order to discuss strategy, case law and the economics of such a personal injury claim. We also appreciate Mr. Berhane’s abilities to help an underserved population from Ethiopia and to explain the oftentimes complex nature of the American legal system. Shown here are Mr. Berhane, Herndon Virginia Airport injury and disability “Super Lawyer” Doug Landau and Computer Assistant Beatrice Vargas, who is also bi-lingual.

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