Multi-state injury trial lawyer helps delivery man with New Jersey Dog Bite and Canine Attack case

dkwl_hunterton_county_courthouse.jpegWhen a customer requests weekend delivery of a large package during the holiday season, a FedEx route driver should not have to risk life and limb to do so. Yet that is exactly what happened to Doug Landau’s client over the Christmas season.  This brave Army veteran was attacked by several of the Defendants’ dog while simply trying to deliver the package they requested be delivered to their home.  As no offer was made by the insurance company when the injuries were brought to their attention, a lawsuit was filed in New Jersey Superior Court.  After proof of the claim and supporting evidence was sent to the several lawyers representing the Defendant dog owners, only a minimum offer to settle was extended by insurance defense counsel.  Injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau is now preparing the case for trial, so that a jury can hear the evidence of this animal attack and learn how the dog owners responded.

Landau is shown here outside the Courthouse after arguing pre-trial motions.  As the insurance companies frequently try to delay meritorious cases from coming to trial, it is important to push dog bite injury and other animal attack cases forward consistently.  The insurance companies make money on the interest and reserves set aside; the longer they can put off payment, the better it is for them, NOT THE INNOCENT INJURED VICTIM.  That is why Doug Landau and Lauren Holtzman have travelled to New Jersey to prosecute cases on behalf of ABRAMS LANDAU clients injured in dog attacks while delivering the U. S. Mail, FedEx packages, serving in the police force and law enforcement.  While he cannot fly to courts all over the country like Superman, “Super Lawyer” Doug Landau can help clients located throughout the East Coast because he is actually licensed in several states and is permitted to practice before the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal.  If you or someone you know has been attacked and bitten by a dog or sustained injuries from an animal attack, call ABRAMS LANDAU at once, since there are time limits for bringing these cases, and early investigation can be critically important.

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