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Reston Triathlon volunteer Doug Landau checking helmet safety before tomorrow's annual race at South Lakes High School
Reston Triathlon volunteer Doug Landau checking helmet safety before tomorrow’s  race at South Lakes High School

If you pick a fight with race directors or volunteers when they try to protect you from head trauma or brain injury.

“Not every Triathlon or multisport competition takes the time to inspect helmets, but when they do, it is for the athletes’ safety.  When a triathlete, duathlete or bike racer competes with an unsafe, cracked, delaminating or outdated helmet, they are ‘Voluntarily assuming the risk of harm,’ adds All American Triathlete Landau, whose “Law Shop” regularly helps injured victims of other peoples’ unsafe conduct.

Under Virginia law, “Assumption of Risk”  in and of itself may preclude any reimbursement for losses caused by
a bike crash.  The cost of a new helmet is minuscule compared to medical treatment for a brain trauma, concussions from a bike crash and the time lost from work and other activities of daily living.  So, when a race official or volunteer suggests that a helmet is unsafe, go home and get another one that is compliant or buy yourself a new one.  Herndon bike injury lawyer Doug Landau volunteers at race helmet inspection and also brings 2 helmets to most competitions so that he can lend one to another racer for this very purpose.

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