Filing Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Application for Clients Under Open Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Award

While the Virginia Workers Compensation Act has a “ceiling” for weekly comp payments, the annual Cost of Living Adjustment helps increase indemnity checks to keep up with inflation so that ABRAMS LANDAU clients total disability AWARDS are not degraded over time.

When out of work and disabled completely from work, many workers worry that their comp checks will not keep apace of inflation.  Do the weekly indemnity payments ever increase ?  What happens if I am disabled for 6 or 7 years, am I stuck with the same weekly check amount ?

Clients who are on open Temporary Total Disability (TTD) awards through the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWC) may wonder how they can get their annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).  Clients of Workers’ Compensation (WC) law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd. can rest easy knowing that the WC team at our office will file the COLA application on your behalf.  Every fall, you will hear from Beatrice Vargas at our office.  Beatrice sends all eligible clients the Social Security forms needed to get verification from Social Security Administration (SSA) that you are not receiving disability benefits.

Once you get the form from Beatrice, please complete it and send it back to us.  At that point, Dianna Meredith, our WC administrator, will send everything on to the VWC to file an Application for COLA benefits.

We proactively file for COLA for our clients because neither the VWC nor the insurance companies will do so.  This way we know all of our clients, even those on long-term disability, will receive the benefits to which they may be entitled.

If you have been injured in an on-the-job accident and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).