Family of Trampled Worker Files Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

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The family of a security worker trampled to death by Wal-Mart shoppers on New York’s Long Island filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the retail giant.  The 34-year-old man was knocked to the ground and trampled to death. He had been assigned to cover security as an independent contractor.

In the lawsuit, the family claims the worker’s death was caused by reckless and gross negligence in the staging and promotion of “Black Friday” sales. The lawsuit also names the shopping center where the incident occurred and the security company hired to manage additional shopper traffic.  Reuters 12/03/08.  While there may be bargains, Herndon Reston area Doug Landau prefers to stay far “away from the maddening crowds.”   Everyone at Abrams Landau, Ltd. recognizes the pall this tragedy puts on the holiday season, an suggests that our clients shop carefully, safely and responsibly this year.

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