Abrams Landau joins forces with InjuryBoard

The Fairfax Loudoun area law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd. joined forces with the national and regional law firms that comprise InjuryBoard.  Doug Landau had been working with InjuryBoard founder and Florida lawyer Tom Young for several years, and decided after the National Trial Lawyers Convention to make the link.  You can see posts by te Herndo and Reston area injury and disability lawyer, as well as other staff members of Abrams Landau, Ltd.  The InjuryBoard community is dedicated to personal safety, injury prevention and recovery.  December is Toy & Child Safety Month, and there will be many posts covering this timely topic.  There are also InjuryBoard “Help Centers” which are an online collection of the best information, professional opinion, and practical advice to help you and your family stay safe and avoid accidents. If you or a loved one are injured, the Help Centers will help you understand the life process of an accident and discover practical steps to get you the help you need to move forward with your life.

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