Escalators Can be Deadly – Especially where regulators do not test the machines

I have previously written about the tragic case of the boy whose foot was “swallowed” at a professional baseball game by the escalator at Shea Stadium.  My father’s record verdict in that case helped to bring to light the fact that escalators pose a significant risk of injury, especially when they are not inspected or tested for safety on a regular basis.  At Abrams Landau, Ltd., we understand that escalators pose sometimes  unreasonable risk of injury to children, the elderly and the disabled.  Our Herndon Reston area injury law firm has helped people with cases where they have been thrown down an escalator due to short stops, and where unsafe gaps in the sides have caught footwear, feet and clothing, causing catastrophic injuries.

According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates, nearly 11,000 peopled suffered injuries related to riding an escalator last year. An industry trade group said that escalators are “inherently safe” despite those injuries. Others questions their safety, especially in states where escalator owners, and not regulators, test the machines for compliance.  For the rest of this article, go to: Alison Young, Atlanta Journal-Constitution  12/07/2008

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