Even injured and disabled workers can vote

Farmers_market_7.08.jpegAs the National and Local Elections approach, I want to emphasize two important things that our clients CAN do while disabled from work and recovering from their injuries.  The first is to seek out educational opportunities and try to improve your mind while your body heals.  We have had clients get their high school degrees, electrical repair certification and college education while recuperating post-operatively and healing from injuries caused by crashes, falls and explosions.

The second action you can take, even while disabled from work, is to exercise your Constitutional Right to vote.  With absentee ballots, early voting and handicap access facilities, everyone can make their wishes known.  As my grandfather Abrams told me, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the government you have.”  So whatever your party affiliation or political ideals, please vote.

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