Even footballers can die when thrown from a truck

Tragedy doesn’t discriminate against fame, as NFL receiver Chris Henry’s family and friends learned after the 26 year old fell from the back of a truck and his wounds proved fatal.  At ABRAMS LANDAU we have helped accident victims who have fallen or been ejected from moving vehicles in their negligence cases.  In one case a woman was ejected from the sun roof of her sports car when it rolled at high speed.  While she survived her ejection injuries, Herndon car crash lawyer Doug Landau notes that she was lucky, as the roof was completely crushed after the vehicle finished rolling.  Sometimes smaller clients can slip under a safety belt or come over the back and headrest, with predictably tragic results.

This sad story shows that even the most physically fit people cannot withstand a sudden accident in a moving vehicle. Always use the proper restraints when driving or riding in a car, and please, never ride in the bed of a truck.

Chris Henry’s full story can be found here at ESPN’s website.

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