Neo-Nazi in Florida murder trial gets a makeover to cover offensive tattoos

Having represented someone who suffered from Hepatitis C after getting tattoos, the following story about a self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi who is getting his prison tattoos covered up by a makeup artist during his trial caught Herndon personal injury lawyer Doug Landau’s eye. While everyone at ABRAMS LANDAU agrees an accused deserves a fair trial and representation if they cannot affords a lawyer, getting the taxpayers to pay for a make up artist or cosmetologist seems a bit over the top. If a defendant in a criminal trial can get this service, what’s next ? A make up artist for a assailant whose face is bruised ? Cover up for a cauliflower-eared rapist ? How about Retin-A for child molesters to look younger ? In this case the offending swastika tattoos and barbed wire across his face were done AFTER the accused was arrested and in prison. The Defendant knew that he would be appearing before a judge, perhaps a jury and others who might be offended by what he did to his appearance while in prison.

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