Doug Landau, Virginia injury and workers comp lawyer, meets with D.C. lawyer to advise as to long term disability cases

DSCF3749.JPGEven firms that specialize in personal injury cases find that they need help with the Workers Compensation and/or Social Security Disability claims that an injured client may also be able to bring. Since most firms do not handle these State and Federal government “administrative claims,” they call upon ABRAMS LANDAU to assist in catastrophic and long-term disability cases. Doug Landau, shown here with attorney Deutschman at the Amphora Diner in Herndon, recognizes that very few law firms can try a client’s personal injury, workers compensation AND Social Security Disability case like he has and continues to do. A number of firms do not handle these administrative claims because they are not particularly profitable, since fees are contingent, set by a judge, and in the Federal cases, capped !

At ABRAMS LANDAU, we are able to be efficient by utilizing the medical, vocational and employment records and reports in ALL 3 cases. Plus, we do not subscribe to the method of many personal injury firms: (1) We do not handle a large volume of cases; (2) We do not advertise on television,, radio, yellow pages or newspapers; and, (3) We have an unusually high ration of lawyers and staff working with the few clients we select to represent each year.

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