Does it really pay to hire the “Top Lizard” ?

DSCF3507.JPGIn a word, “yes.” If you have a permanent injury or are going to be disabled from work for a long time, you want the best or “Top” lawyer for your case. While Awards and being listed in “The Best Lawyers in America,” “Super Lawyers” and having the highest listing in the Martindale Hubbell National Lawyer Directory, like Doug Landau, are all nice, there is a better way to select legal counsel for your brain injury, car crash or disability case.

One way to decide if a lawyer is competent, experienced and effective, is to actually go and see that lawyer in trial. At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we encourage clients, their families and prospective clients to come and “see us in action.” We are proud of how we help injured and disabled people. We want people to see what we do in Court and how we do it. And we wish more lawyers and law firms were not scared to do the same. Please call us today to find out when you can watch us “in action” so that you can learn about trial lawyer Doug Landau and the ABRAMS LANDAU team and better understand the process that your own case will follow. (Photo by Doug Landau during his trip to the Galapagos Islands)

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