Do the Insurance Companies believe in God?

Do the Insurance Companies believe in God?

A client asked this question recently, as he had a serious workplace injury and has been struggling lately with blood pressure issues. This skilled car mechanic was struck in the head with a pressurized hose, which caused a concussion. While the insurance company accepted the fact that he had a head injury, they are fighting over whether the blood pressure problems that arise after the workplace accident are “causally related.” They constantly question the nature and extent of his disability. The insurance company has put a “Nurse Case Manager” on his case, as well as hired counsel and likely private investigators to check on his background, activities, legal history, etc. The insurance company nurses are always pushing for the employee to go back to work, and problems like high blood pressure, anxiety, adverse reactions to medications and depression are fought as being “unrelated” or “pre-existing,” even when there is no medical history supporting the insurance company’s position! They have made numerous requests of the injured work, his doctors and other treating health care providers. 

Our client, who is receiving weekly wage loss compensation at the maximum allowable rate under Virginia law, has been trying his best to comply with the requests for daily blood pressure information, doctors’ visits, signatures on authorizations for additional medical information from his workplace injury physicians, specialists, etc., as well as his personal family doctor, and others. He recently wrote: 

I have a question; we have been working with the Insurance Company, complying to all their requests and Doctor notes from our family Doctor and my brain injury specialist. 

In addition, my daily BP readings speak for themselves.

What is wrong with this Insurance Company?

I am trying to understand their function?

What are they doing is not helping me ?

I hope God will forgive them, if they do believe inGod?

Thank you for your time.

We wrote back:

I know this has been extremely frustrating and it is hard to understand the stance of the Insurance Company. But at the end of day they are doing their job as they think they should. I know it’s not right & we don’t agree with the Insurance Company by any means. However, we can’t speak to what their actual intentions are, but on their end, they have procedures and guidelines they follow.
Just keep doing all the things you are doing and complying with their requests, your Award should be entered shortly, securing your lifetime medicals and your wage loss; so that’s a good start. 
He is not the first client to want to know that whether or not the individuals who work for the insurance company (in this case their Senior Adjuster, Defense Counsel, Nurse Case Manager, etc.) believe in God. The company is responsible not to the injured worker, but to their executives and share holders. If they can collect premiums and pay out less in claims, it is good for them. They make a profit. And, since they get to invest the money they set aside as “reserves” against claims made, and they did not pay taxes on these ”reserves” like you and I do, they can make 7-9% returns, TAX FREE on this money. And, if they end up paying less, the more profit to the Insurance Company. 
Just as Lawyer Landau works hard to protect and educate school children by teaching and fitting them with bike helmets every year, the Team at ABRAMS LANDAU works hard to protect their clients from the insurance company’s actions or delays.

More troubling is the fact that if the injured worker: dies, loses the case on some technicality, or just plain gives up, then the Insurance Company gets to keep all the money. So, in insurance claims, time is almost always on the side of the insurance company. They have the money. They can wait out a sick or disabled claimant. They can starve out a desperate family, and they do not have to present any evidence at Hearing, as the injured claimant has the legal ‘burden of proof” to satisfy before the insurance company lawyers (who are paid “win, lose or draw”) even have to lift a finger. 

So, what can this client and other injured victims do? They can stay on top of their cases. They can be compliant with their medical care. They can be ready for court. And, they can work with an experienced injury law legal team like ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd.  If you or someone you know or care for has been injured as the result of an accident on the job while working at a car dealership, while on the road for work, or disabled from some occupational incident, and there are questions about what laws apply, e-mail or call us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. (703-796-9555) at once.