Customized Sweatpants for Injury Law Team from Socially Conscious Small Business

Be As You Wear embroidered “Team Landau” on the back knee area of the sweatpants so that the staff can represent the Abrams Landau team even in comfy clothes

Always eager to support his friends and family, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, attorney Doug Landau knocked two birds out with one stone by surprising his injury law team with customized sweatpants from Be As You Wear, a Connecticut-based clothing brand owned by his friend and fellow Hotchkiss School alum, Athena Fliakos.

With a collection of soft basic staples and a simple embroidered heart on every piece, Be As You Wear focuses on promoting love and connection. This social conscious brand sponsors organizations, such as “Dream Tank in their effort to empower 1 billion young people world-wide by financing their entrepreneurial dreams,” and it is manufactured in the USA.

Attorney Landau was especially excited to support a business that has been helping the community in a variety of ways. For instance, Athena’s goal is “to demonstrate that profitability is multi-tiered and the first impulse of every endeavor should be to give people and the planet our highest love, and our ultimate best.” Be as You Wear is their retail division “which seeks to be a model for sustainable and ethically manufactured basics with a revenue model that accounts for 3 bottom lines: planet, people, profit.” The Good Brain Project is the education division—a think tank for reimagined business with the goal to build models across industries that optimize human flourishing. Their third division is an event marketing brand called The Salisbury Beast that develops community fitness events in Salisbury, Connecticut and also facilitates events for other not-for-profits.

The Abrams Landau injury law team has enjoyed wearing these soft, comfy sweatpants while they’ve been working from home the past few months!

doug landau
Attorney Doug Landau in his Team USA gear and Team Landau sweatpants outside the Abrams Landau office



Here are some responses from the Abrams Landau team:

“Team Landau sweatpants delivered and they are fantastic! Thank you!”

“I look amazing in my new pants… repping Team Landau at Target today!”

“Got my sweatpants today thank you very much! They are so nice and from a good company!”





Our Senior Legal Assistant Beatriz Vargas wears her Be As You Wear sweatpants as she works from home
Paralegal Rachel Hirsch also in her Team Landau sweatpants at her home office












Legal Assistant Lisa Goldman takes a yoga break at her desk to do a tree pose in her sweatpants
Education & Marketing Director Stephanie Yoon wears hers on a walk around her neighborhood












Paralegal Kristin Tanzi continuing to work remotely in San Diego
And the other Lisa in our office walking her dogs in her new Team Landau sweatpants