Contribute YOUR story to the “9/11 Living Memorial”

The “Voices of September 11th”, has created a “9/11 Living Memorial” website where anyone can post their memories of people they knew or what they personally experienced on that tragic day.

The website was set up so that that mankind, hundreds of years from now, will be able to learn about and research all of the events surrounding that day. A similar memorial was recently set up for the few remaining Holocaust Survivors to post their memories. Most of the personal stories about what occurred in Europe during that time were never preserved publicly and are lost forever. The memorial will insure that the same thing does not happen to 9/11.

Postings are not limited to family members or people who were at the Trade Center, Pentagon or on the aircraft. It is open to anyone who has something meaningful to contribute. You can post remembrances of someone you loved, knew or just knew of. In the DC Metropolitan area almost everyone of us knew someone or a relative of someone who either was killed or injured. At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we came to know many more through our representation of the families of those who died in the course of their work in the fatal airplane crashes. While we were successful in ensuring that all of the families and survivors got their compensation benefits provided under state law, no amount of money will ever erase the memories and the sorrow.

Please go to the Living Memorial website and post your comments, photographs, recordings etc.

This is your opportunity to have your memories become a part of history.

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