Client with Permanent Head Injury comes to Court to observe Doug Landau “In Action” and to see ABRAMS LANDAU’s “Court Cred”

A client who has been disabled for over 2 years with a head injury came, with his wife, to court yesterday in order to observe Mr. Landau “in action.” Many lawyers have to advertise in order to get new clients, and many pretend that they go to court and try cases. Not ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd.

Because we help a select group of permanently injured clients and those with long term disabilities, we can take the time to “walk the walk” WITH THEM. Doug Landau introduced this family to several of the judges and bailiffs, showed them all of the courtrooms where their case may take place, and let them ask questions of the client whose trial they had just observed. We know of no other lawyer or law firm that does all of these things for their injured and disabled clients and their families.

This Reston, Virginia family saw, firsthand, Mr. Landau’s “Court Credibility.” Doug Landau met with them and the client whose case was to be tried in Fairfax in the conference room. The Herndon Reston area injury lawyer then got everyone back together after the case was over. And, in order to help this disabled head injury victim better understand what was going on in his own case, Landau made copies from the government’s OFFICIAL file on the case then and there for him to take home and read over and put in his own file. This injured worker had never seen such important documents as: the official mandatory “FIRST REPORT OF ACCIDENT,” the audit report (showing an underpayment), and the “Attending Physicians Report.” Mr. Landau was also able to point out the items that were missing and that needed to be filed in order to fully protect his rights.

“Court Cred” means that you can talk about going to court AND actually do it. Come see us “in action” soon. Other lawyers from other firms do in order to learn from our successes. Call today, as Mr. Landau’s Court calendar and teaching schedule is an “open book”

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