Car Crash ? Doug Landau says take pictures from EVERY angle

It seems so obvious.  You have been in a car accident.  Your car is smashed, totaled, wrecked, busted.  In addition to seeking prompt medical care, gathering evidence is important in the time after a car crash.  Most people know to take pictures of their injuries, the scene of the accident and their car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle.

However, Herndon Reston area injury lawyer Doug Landau has seen a number of cases where the photographs taken BEFORE the repairs have been been inadequate to prove the case.  So, to keep that from happening in your injury case, take pictures of your car or truck at, above AND BELOW !  Many bumpers show little to no damage, even after a a major impact.  So, pictures looking down into the trunk and from underneath, can be very helpful.  The insurance companies often have pictures taken by their damage estimators that are not well focused and not designed to help your personal injury case.  Take your own pictures.  Lots of them.  From every angle.  And save the negative, back up the digital image disk and then know that this will be one less thing to worry about as you concentrate on healing from your injuries.

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